Short and Sweet

Lines and chains used aboard a ship especially in working sail and supporting masts and spars.

~Definition of Rigging/Merriam-Webster

Reference to “rigging” elections does not appear in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but we all know what it looks like.  Rigging an election is when you close polling places in locations with high concentrations of your opponent’s supporters.  Rigging an election is purging voting rolls because of insignificant inconsistencies in registrations (e.g., middle name versus middle initial).  Rigging an election is accepting concealed carry permits as identification but not student IDs. Rigging an election is weaponizing hacked information provided by the Kremlin.  Rigging an election is extorting the leader of a sovereign nation to manufacture dirt on an adversary you fear can defeat you.

We also know what “rigging” is not.  Emotional endorsements from your colleagues and former opponents who have known you for years, a ground-swell of support from a demographic with whom you have built relationships over an entire career and generating unprecedented and unanticipated turnout when you opponent claimed that was his secret sauce.  And finally, it is not “rigging” when elected officials and party leaders (i.e. super delegates) prefer a lifelong member of the party over an insurgent who is still hesitant to wear the party label.

You know what you call that?  Democracy.

Anyone who fails to see that, regardless of party or ideology, is admitting their own support is not strong enough to win fair and square.  Every time Bernie Sanders does not  tell Donald Trump he is wrong when he tries to delegitimize  Biden’s success as the result of a rigged process, he is admitting he too does not believe in democracy.

For what it’s worth.


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