DeJoy of Sacks


Have you ever wondered why Democrats never tag the opposition with childish or offensive nicknames like “sleepy, crooked or Pocahontas?” Probably because they realize name-calling is a poor substitute for actually governing.  But I have a new theory.   Some of the most deserving members of Trump administration do not need new nicknames.  Their family names are far better descriptors than any epithets Democrats could come up with.

Consider the three member of DeBrotherhood of the Trumpist regime–Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis , and the most recent edition, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.  According to Wikipedia, DeVos “is a concatenated form of the Dutch-language surname De Vos, meaning ‘the fox.'”  Can anyone argue there is no better example of the adage “the fox in the hen house” than DeVos in the Department of Education?

Next comes Governor DeSantis.  This surname is of Latin origin and comes from the word “sanctus” which means “holy” or “saintly.”  Of course, the prefix “De” is Latin for “from.”  And no one could be farther from holiness or saintliness than the chief executive of the Sunshine State.  Furthermore, is it mere coincidence the surname first appears in family records from the Lombardy region of Italy, the epicenter of the European coronavirus pandemic?  And now Governor DeSantis is responsible for his state’s holding the same distinction in America.  La ghianda non cade lontano dall’albero.

Louis DeJoy - WikipediaWhich brings us to the newest member of this trinity of incompetence, Mr. DeJoy.  Interestingly, none of the websites which provide information about the origins of surnames (e.g. NAMES.COM or ANCESTRY.COM) shed any light on the etymology of this one.  The only available data suggest the name is relatively new, first appearing around 1880.  And the preponderance of DeJoy families reside in Rhode Island.  The most alarming tidbit is the fact  there are 666 (I’m not making this up) census records with the last name DeJoy.  (Source: ANCESTRY.COM)

[NOTE:  There are no references to DeJoy’s middle name. Is he trying to hide something?  My money is on Damien.]

Since being confirmed as postmaster general in May 2020, DeJoy has brought anything but joy to the postal service under the guise of “timely legislative and regulatory reform.” So far, that reform consists largely of cuts in funding for essential services and a reorganization which has stripped upper management of most of its professional expertise.  These firings have certainly earned him the title, “DeJoy of Sacks.” Of course, timely means before the November election after which there hopefully will be no DeJoy in Mailville.

One can only imagine how Trump would expand this team DeHell if re-elected. I have no doubt, he would establish the position of assistant undersecretary of animal husbandry in the Department of Agriculture, and his pick to fill the position would be queen of the puppy farms Cruella DeVille.  And the epic cinema chronicle of the Trump years, “Girth of a Nation” would most likely be produced and directed by the ghost of Cecil B. DeMille.

As for America and democracy as we know it.  In the immortal words of Porky DePig, “De-De-De-De-Dat would be all, Folks!”

For what it’s worth.


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  1. Navy lingo for De Joy – “Saboteur”. Had a couple in Norfolk, who – while pending deployment, threw sand in their ship’s reduction gears. These sailors were young, ignorant, and afraid. De Joy intends what he is doing, is fully competent, arrogant, and disloyal to the very idea of American democracy.

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