All You Need to Know, Redux


The following post contains the actual transcript from testimony during Tuesday’s meeting of the House Rules Committee at which the committee established procedures and time limits for Wednesday’s debate on HR 755, Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump.  It is the clearest evidence  even Trump’s staunchest defenders cannot and will not answer the only question that matters.

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, Democrat from Massachusetts:

Was the president’s call with President Zelensky perfect, as the president has said, and was it appropriate for him to ask another country to investigate an American citizen?

Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Doug Collins, Trumpist from Georgia:

Image result for doug collins rules committee testimonyI find, there was nothing I, as I said before there’s nothing wrong with the call, and when you look at it, and again I frankly, the last…

[extended pause]

The problem we’re having right now is exactly the last 15 minutes of this, great oratory on a lot of things that mean nothing to this actual impeachment.  I mean we get down to the bottom line here, and and I’ll just leave it at that, let him answer that question, I’ll get back to it later, because everything has been thrown out here is exactly what the problem we’ve had in the discussion, I mean this idea of throwing law in fact, we’ve disproven the fact, we’ve talked about the law, law didn’t broken, it didn’t put it in the Constitution so I’m, I can yell on both of them, I can talk about both of them, but the problem we have here is, is this is the very problem we have, and I’ll just address one thing before I let it by, or if you want to let me switch right now, I will. I’ll give it to him.

In their book All the President’s Men, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein referred to similar gibberish as “a non-denial denial.”  But the more appropriate description comes from Elaine Benes (Julie Louis Dreyfus) of Seinfeld fame, who would have called this “the yada-yada-yada defense.”

For what it’s worth.


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  1. I really tried to listen attentively to the Republican rebuttals, but they were almost all word-salad, or foam-at-the-mouth crazy. Not substantive rebuttal of the issues or facts.

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